Friday, April 30, 2010

♥Sewing Machines♥

For more complicated and challenging sewing projects that involve thicker fabric or more intricate designs, you may want to consider purchasing heavy duty sewing machines instead of those designed for light use at home.

There are many kinds and sizes of heavy duty sewing machines. They are made to make some seemingly challenging sewing tasks so much easier to carry out. Moreover, these units are known for their durability, high speed, impeccable performance, and power.

Since heavy duty sewing machines allow the sewer to use thick fabrics and other materials, a wider product range can be manufactured using them. These products include belts, upholstery, tents, sails, awnings, slip covers, cushions, pillows, and even saddles. If you are going to purchase one for the home, make sure you choose a less bulky machine to save space.

Most heavy duty sewing machines consist of a walking foot. The main function of a walking foot is to prevent multiply layers of materials such as leather or denim from moving as you carry out the task of sewing them together.If you are totally clueless on what sewing machine to purchase for your personal needs, here are some things to consider when selecting one.
It would be wise to determine the different parts of a heavy duty machine and compare them to your needs. For instance, if you are looking for speed, choose a unit that has a larger motor. Or, if you want to avoid tension of threads while sewing multiply layers of fabric, your must choose a unit that includes an automatic thread tension adjustment.
Another helpful tip is to read the manual. Merely looking at the machine on display or checking out the features on a website are not enough. You must ensure that the functions you require are carried by the machines you are considering to purchase. You will have no problem with this with a brand new unit. It only becomes an issue when you are considering to purchase a second-hand unit. Usually, with second-hand machines, the manuals are nowhere to be found.

There are a number of good brands that are highly recommended when it comes to heavy duty machines. Sailrite and Juki are only a few of the popular brands. Make sure that you have knowledge of a service facility nearby (or a service personnel who can do home service) in case your machine needs repair or even just for regular maintenance.
Another thing you must consider is this: How easy is it to clean your heavy duty sewing machine? When a machine gets dirty, its useful life shortens. There are machines that are self-lubricating and will not need to be oiled. However, you must take extra care by brushing out lint and vacuuming dusts that may have piled up on a regular basis. Remember, sewing machines are like cars. They need to be maintained. Following these tips will ensure that your sewing machine will provide you good service in the years to come.
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