Thursday, April 29, 2010

♥Sewing Techniques♥

Even as an amateur, you can create clothes as great as professionals do. Having the right tools such as the sewing machine, fabrics and accessories will make your creation a fashionable piece of garment. For the beginner, learning the right sewing techniques is the key to mastering the skill. Before attempting to use expensive garments, try practicing first with spare pieces of cloth to reduce your expenses. Here are the basic sewing techniques you should learn.

Making the right measurements is one of the most difficult techniques you must practice. Incorrect cutting of fabrics can waste your resources. Since it is the initial step in creating the perfect outfit, you have to spend time following guidelines in correct measurements. For beginners, start making your pattern using old newspapers. When you perfect the tailoring, you can use the real fabric or use the pattern and trace it when cutting. This way, you do not have to waste your expensive garments from the wrong techniques.

Inserting a Zipper or Stitching a Button Hole
Inserting a zipper and stitching button holes are basic sewing techniques you should learn. Because clothes come in either of the two, learning how to do them is highly valuable. Although the presser feet can help you accomplish the task, it is still important to know the basic skills involved with it.

Fabric Estimate
Many professional sewers find it difficult to accurately estimate the amount of fabric to use. As a beginner, you might find it even more difficult to do. However, you have to learn all means to do it. It is the most cost-saving technique you can learn in sewing.
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